KemperProfiler Player Amp Modeling Pedal


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Kemper Profiler Player

The Kemper Profiler Player brings Kemper's legendary Profiling technology to the smallest form factor yet, delivering a versatile amp and cabinet modeling platform with customizable effect chain for the ultimate portable guitar rig. Profiles maintain the dynamic response of each setup to extreme detail for a playing experience that's just like the real thing. Take your entire studio on tour with profiles made on larger Profiler models, or explore the vast amounts of official and user-contributed profiles available from Kemper. Perfect for both gigging and studio musicians alike, the Kemper Profiler Player provides virtually any rig you need with uncompromising sound quality.

The Profiler Player is compatible with Rigs from the bigger Profiler models, within the limitations of its 4 FX slots. This makes the Player a perfect portable solution for musicians who are already initiated into the Kemper ecosystem, allowing you to take all your favorite Rigs along with you in your backpack or guitar bag. With new Liquid Profiles, modeling and profiling are both available simultaneously, letting you implement both individual amp models as well as brand-specific amp characters for ultra-realistic response.

An intuitive and user-customizable interface gives you quick access to dialing in amp and effect settings, as well as seamlessly switching Rigs on the fly. Connecting the Rig Manager remote app over WLAN or USB lets you take even deeper control over every sound parameter. With a massive selection of FX and presets for its 4 effect slots, designing a pedal board is both flexible and fun. The Player also supports Bluetooth and MIDI I/O, giving you plenty of options for interfacing with other equipment or a DAW.

Whether you're already a Profiler user yourself and need a convenient portable solution for traveling with your Rigs, or just starting your gear collection and want access to virtually limitless sound options from legendary models, the Kemper Profiler Player is a perfect choice.

Profiler Player Features

  • Portable amp/cab Profiler and multi-effect
  • Runs all Kemper Profiles within its 4 FX slot limitation from a vast library of Kemper and user-contributed Rigs in Rig Manager app
  • Over 444 total FX presets for designing your portable pedalboard
  • Seamless crossfade switching between rigs with reverb/delay spillover for fast and smooth transitions between set-ups
  • Instrument input with generous 127 dB of dynamic range
  • Support for Kemper Liquid Profiles
  • 3 independent output groups: XLR, Stereo Monitor, and Stereo Headphone for convenient connection to a mixing desk and monitors simultaneously and without a DI
  • Supports use with Kemper Kone and Kabinet
  • USB connectivity for audio and MIDI
  • Dual expression / switch capability
  • Definable foot switches and two-switch combinations
  • Tuner is always on for convenient pitch accuracy in performance
  • Powers USB devices like tablets and phones
  • Dimensions: 2.68" x 5.71" x 6.53"
  • Power Specs: 9-12VDC center negative power supply
  • Weight: 2.45lbs
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