Keith McMillenSoftStep 2 Foot Controlled MIDI Controller


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Keith McMillen SoftStep 2

While the Keith McMillen Softstep 2 may not necessarily be willing to lend a hand, its certainly able to lend a foot. The unit affords users foot control over all connected MIDI hardware. After programming the unit via KMI control-mapping software, simply connect it to the desired MIDI devices and it is ready to go, with or without a computer.

The Softstep 2 works with its corresponding software program to manipulate a host of different parameters, allowing for feats of unprecedented control—pun intended. Each of the device’s ten keypads incorporate technology that allows for different interactions unique to each key. These include X/Y, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, and pressure sensitivity.

The Softstep 2 can be used to conveniently control all manner of parameters, including panning, sample triggering, effects, levels, looping, and transport operations. It can also be used to control external MIDI hardware in tandem with the KMI MIDI Expander.

SoftStep 2 Features

  • Ten Pressure Sensitive Foot-Pads
  • Pads Detect XY Directional Movements
  • Transmits MIDI, MMC and OSC
  • Fully Customizable
  • Includes Editor Software
  • Foot Controlled MIDI Controller
  • 10 Pads
  • Pads are Pressure & XY Direction Sensitive
Keith McMillen SoftStep 2 Foot Controlled MIDI Controller Reviews