KeeleySeafoam Plus Chorus Vibrato Pedal


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Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus Vibrato Pedal

The Seafoam Plus, from Keeley Electronics, infuses pedalboards with a wealth of functionality that was previously only conceivable with a DAW. The pedal features three modes: ADT, Seafoam, and Dual Chorus. In ADT Mode, Seafoam layers three distinct voice on top of one another, imparting slight delays and detune to each, for a luscious effect that Keeley has dubbed “True Chorus”. In Seafoam Mode, the pedal operates similarly to a traditional chorus pedal; it is oriented around an LFO and sounds like a BBD chorus circuit with the Rate at lower settings. Conversely, cranking the Rate results in a distinct, springy vibrato.

Dual Chorus Mode is a split band chorus with a division at the high E string, affording players the ability to independently control the effect depth for the highs and lows. There’s even an added Bass Mode with integrated flanger for even more versatility.

Seafoam Plus Features

  • Controls: Rate, Depth, Space, Mix
  • ADT "true chorus" mode with reverb (space knob)
  • Seafoam mode for typical chorus and vibrato
  • Dual Chorus for frequency divided depth control
  • 9V DC, Negative Tip, and at least 100mA
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