KeeleyMini Katana Clean Boost Pedal


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Keeley Mini Katana Clean Boost Pedal

The Mini Katana, from Keeley Electronics, may only be half the size of its big sister, but it’s every bit as deadly. What started life as a dual class A JFET design evolved into this razor sharp device that can level a crowd as easily as it cuts through a mix.

Able to provide over 35dB of boost, the Mini Katana can hold its own under even the most demanding circumstances. What’s more, this smaller design sports an all-new feature: a 4-mode booster. This welcome implementation gives players access to four different sounds. Overdrive can be achieved by flipping the micro hi-gain switch, while a distinctly warmer tone can be wrought simply by flipping the hi-cut switch. While each of these features is great on their own, the real killing blow comes when they are combined: flipping both switches results in an ample boost alongside dense and creamy overdrive.

Mini Katana Features

  • Mini Katana Clean Boost Pedal
  • Dual Class A JFET Based Design
  • Over 35dB of boost
  • 4 Modes of Operation (Selectable by internal dip-switches)
  • Non-Diode Clipping Stages
  • LED Indication
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Keeley Quality Engineering
  • 100% Made in Edmond, OK, USA
  • True Bypass
  • Width (Not Counting Jacks) – 1.5″
  • Height (Not Counting Jacks) – 3.66″
  • Standard 9V DC (center-negative) connection
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