JoranaloguePatch Eurorack Modular Cable Pack

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Joranalogue Patch Eurorack Modular Cable Pack

Patch Eurorack Modular Patch Cables from Joranalogue deliver uncompromising performance and timeless style for all your modular patching needs. Joranalogue has spared no expense in crafting the best possible cable for modular synth systems, culminating in these convenient cable packs. With space-grade performance specs like ultra-low crosstalk and premium high-frequency response, these cables are perfect for preserving pristine audio or video in all your patches. A custom coaxial base cable, aluminum-enhanced durable plugs, and heavy duty strain relief mean you'll be enjoying high quality patching performance for years to come.

In addition to their premium performance as conductors, these cables feel incredible in the hand, making every connection a joyful moment. With a lovely balance of heft and levity, crinkle-free droop, and an ultra-smooth and flexible exterior, these cables are reminiscent of patching with a perfectly al dente Bucatini noodle. In a word, the cables are satisfying. Thankfully, they come in a pack, because you're probably going to want a lot of them. For the discerning synthesist, try Joranalogue's Patch Eurorack Cables today.

Patch Eurorack Modular Cable Pack Features

  • Premium 3.5mm TS patch cables for Eurorack
  • High-performance with audio, CV, and video signals
  • Aluminum plug shells and heavy duty strain relief
  • Satisfying out sleeve with perfect balance of weight and flexibility
  • High-quality shielding and low capacitance for low noise, high fidelity signals
  • Includes braided, hook and loop cable tie
  • Material: Annodized aluminium shells, flexible PVC exterior
  • 7 signal conductors and 40 shield conductors
Joranalogue Patch Eurorack Modular Cable Pack Reviews