JoranalogueDelay 1 Analog BBD Delay

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Joranalogue Delay 1

Create complex choruses, bursting flangers, and evolving echoes with Joranalogue's Delay 1, a fully analog BBD line with striking enhancements and sonic options. With zero latency, Delay 1 utilizes a high-frequency VCO that works well above 20kHz for removing the annoying whine typically heard from BBD chips. Delay 1's internal VCO clocking is defined via the Coarse and Fine tuning knobs (with a fine range of 1 to 50ms), and it can further be key-tracked to any 1V/Oct signal via the dedicated input or modulated in a more precise way via the Time Mod, ranging +/- 1V/Oct. This melodic element to the Delay 1 is complemented by the pluck input for triggering Karplus-Strong style synthesis when feedback is set moderately high.

Feedback and Damping control the length and timbral quality of the delay, respectively, with each offering CV inputs to modulate them over time. Additionally, Delay 1's damping can employ a high or low pass filter, while the feedback can be used with normal regeneration or inverted feedback for more unusual tonal characteristics.

You can easily take the fully wet signal for further parallel processing, or take one or both of the positive and negative blend outputs. This allows you create opposing comb filters, or simply to stereo-ize your mono input for wider imaging on your modulation effects. With an external high frequency clock input and pass through output, the Delay 1 works brilliantly as a single modulation effect, Karplus-Strong voice, tight delay, or general source of sonic madness.

Delay 1 Features

  • Analog BBD module
  • Temperature-controlled high-frequency VCO that clocks the delay line (1–50ms range)
  • VCO coarse and fine tune controls with 1V/oct pitch tracking input
  • Time input and attenuverter for secondary modulation up to +/- 1V/Oct tracking
  • Feedback and damping controls with CV inputs per control
  • Selectable high or low pass damping
  • Anti/Sum feedback switch for either inverted or in-phase feedback
  • Pluck trigger input to create Karplus-Strong tones
  • Split-phase topology with positive and negative dry/wet blend outputs for mono to stereo magic
  • Blend control for dry/wet mixing as well as CV input and attenuverter
  • Separate fully wet delay output
  • Separate high-frequency clock input and output for chaining synchronized delay lines (20kHz to 1MHz range recommended)
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 125mA @ +12V, 95mA @ -12V
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Joranalogue Delay 1 Analog BBD Delay Reviews