Episode 1: 7/11/2018

Jonathan Snipes is one of the most singular artists in today's music scene. His prolific body of work consists of film scores—2012's Room 237 and 2015's The Nightmare among others—writing and performing in the rap group Clipping, the unabashedly absurd (and now disbanded) Captain Ahab, and various collaborative and solo endeavors.

Aesthetically, Snipes' output is incredibly diverse. His style encompasses almost every conceivable form of electronic music and infuses it with various stimuli from the '70s and '80s, with a particular affinity for the Giallo genre. The result is an inherently eerie and at times pulverizing sound that cements itself inside your head unlike anything else out there.

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Artist Track Time
Nobukazu Takemura Lost Treasure (2nd single mix) 0:00
Leiras Horizon Perception 3:02
P.E.A.R.L. Equinox 1 5:08
Brian Sanhaji Panic 7:47
Neel Souls on the Run Semantica 10:31
Pfirter X 12:56
Container Protrusian 16:32
Rebolledo Windsurf, Sunburn And Dollar 19:59
DVA Damas Clear Cut 24:00
EMT Extra Lunch 26:32
Akufen Radio Shuffle 29:53
808 State Coma Flow(AFX Remix) 32:14
Cardopusher Phase 1 34:54
Schwefelgelb Fokus 38:46
Big Boi Chocolate 41:43
Autechre Basscadet 44:03
Federation 18 Dummy 46:41
Aphex Twin Windowlicker (Run Jeremy X-Rated Lick) 49:25
Jana Rush Breakit 51:31
Golden Boy w/Miss Kitten Rippin Kittin (Tobi Newmann’s Glove Tension Dub) 53:45