JomoxModBase 09 Bass Drum Voice


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Jomox ModBase 09

The Jomox ModBase 09 implements Jomox-style drum synthesis into the realm of Eurorack modular synthesizers. The module features advanced kick drum circuitry that affords a distinctly fat analog sound. Like Jomox’s drum machines, the module features trigger inputs that can be used in conjunction with drum pads. On that note, the module can be operated with Gate and trigger signals when used in a Eurorack environment.�

In addition to a great sound, the ModBase 09 features internal MIDI, a LFO, multitonal noise, and a plethora of CV connections to modulate its parameters in unimaginable ways.�

ModBase 09 Features

  • Improved advanced analog Jomox kick drum circuitry w/ super phat sound
  • Completely CV/Gate controllable
  • CV targets are storeable
  • Trigger inputs for live drummers
  • Built in MIDI, LFO, and Metal Noise
  • Everything is storeable
  • Future modules will all be combinable and expandable through system bus

  • Eurorack Module
  • 20 HP Width
  • +12v: 140mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 80mA Current Draw
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