JomoxMBase 11 Bass Drum Module


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Jomox MBase 11

The Jomox MBase 11 is a one-stop-shop for achieving some of the fattest analog kicks around. Yes, even fatter than their previous MBase01 model—though it sounds distinctly different enough that the two could be used in tandem to great effect. The module can cover 808 and 909 territory and beyond. It features a dedicated LFO with eight different waveforms, such as a true sine that can be used to create envelopes. But make no mistake, the MBase 11 is more than just as simple kick generator, it is a fully-fledged drum synthesizer. The unit’s compression parameter alters the thickness of the decay and provides a variable gate time for different attacks.

All this means that the MBase can also be used for limited bass duties if desired. Cranking the decay allows tones and pitch to be played across a keyboard, with a range of three octaves. Additionally, the kick can be triggered via trigger input, offering an effective means for drummers to incorporate the module into their performances.

MBase 11 Features

  • Tune: Varies the pitch envelope of the VCO
  • Pitch: Basses as low as 10Hz reach up to 175Hz
  • Decay: Up to 2 sec
  • Harmonics: Enrichment of harmonics of the VCO - for the hardest kick drums on planet earth
  • Pulse: Change of the pure pulse part of the attack - gate time affects this parameter also
  • Noise: Change of the pure noise part of the attack - gate time affects this parameter also
  • Attack: Level of the mixing of Pulse and Attack
  • EQ: Filters the bass drum with a low pass filter - for soft and 808ish kick drums
  • Gate: Varies the gate time from 0.1ms to 16ms
  • Compr: Compression of decaying envelope - for slim and clicky kicks and all the depth that is needed
  • MetNze: Metalized noise. A complex digital multitone pattern of 255 different combinations feeds the attack noise


  • Identical to the controllers for XB09/X999/X888/AB/JB
  • All parameters, including LFO, can be remotely controlled by MIDI
  • Compatible with our MIDI editors and templates in the bass drum department


  • Modulates pitch of the bass drum
  • Speed can be edited in BPM or be synchronized by MIDI clock
  • Can be synced by a note trigger or might run free
  • One-shot LFO function that serves as an additional envelope. 
  • Waveforms: Saw up, Saw down, Sine +/- , Triangle +/-, and Rectangle +/-.


  • 110 Presets (10 User RAM, 100 FLASH)
  • Fully analog sound engine with storeable parameters
  • Analog envelopes
  • LFO has 8 waveforms: Saw +/-, Sine +/-, Tri +/-, Rect +/-, modulates the pitch, midi syncroniseable
  • LED 7-segment 3 digit display
  • Midi In, Midi Out
  • User interface includes 1 data wheel, 1 potentiometer, 5 buttons, 16 LEDs for parameters and functions
  • 1 mono out 1/4" RCA jack
  • Output level - About 0dBu
  • External analog trigger input, sensivity adjustable
  • External wall wart 9V DC
  • Weight - About 0.5 kg, 1.1lbs.
  • Size - 145 x 155 x 35mm
Jomox MBase 11 Bass Drum Module Reviews