JMT SynthNDS-4 Drone Synth


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JMT Synth NDS-4

The NDS-4 Drone Synth, from JMT Synth is a desktop style four oscillator synthesizer. Each of the four oscillators contain range and mute switches. Also included are four sub oscillators, which also have their own range switches. All four oscillators are internally mixed and are outputted via a 1/4" jack.

NDS-4 Features

  • Quad Oscillator sound generator
  • Frequency and volume knobs for each osc
  • Sub oscillator for each osc
  • On/off switch for sync
  • Mute switches for each osc
  • Range switches for each osc and sub osc
  • Power: DC9V Center Negative, or 9V battery
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
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