JMT SynthVDR1-b Drum


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JMT Synth VDR1-b Drum

VDR1-b is a revised edition of the JMT's excellent desktop percussion synthesizer. For those familiar with the previous version of the synth, the control layout will appear closely familiar, yet VDR1-b enjoys a number of improvements especially in the realm of its connectivity. The core of the percussion synthesizer is a wideband oscillator with switchable sawtooth and triangle waveforms and a resonant VCF. The synthesizer can be excited via an external trigger source or by simply tapping on the enclosure thanks to a built-in piezo sensor. The internal variable frequency oscillator can be applied simultaneously, and to a varied extent to filter frequency cutoff parameter, and oscillator frequency allowing for sculpting complex, harmonically-rich timbres. Additionally, the synth sports external CV inputs which makes complex modulation of the crucial tone-shaping parameters or precise sequenced rhythms a possibility. All-in-all VDR-1 is an excellent addition to any electronic percussion setup offering a wide sonic potential including punchy toms, gabber-like kicks, noisy snares, high-pitched chirps, growling basslines, and everything in between.

VDR1-b Drum Features

  • Percussion synthesizer based on a wideband oscillator, and self-oscillating filter
  • Triangle or sawtooth waveform switch
  • Built-in analog noise source
  • Variable waveform LFO
  • Internal piezo sensor allows for interaction with the unit by tapping the enclosure
  • External trigger input
  • CV inputs for oscillator frequency and filter frequency cutoff modulation
  • Power: 9VDC PSU (Center Negative) or a 9V battery—PSU not included
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