JMT SynthNF-2 Noise Synthesizer


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JMT Synth NF-2

The JMT NF-2 is a dual-oscillator noise box, complete with a custom noisy filter, and allpass filter in the signal flow. The NF-2 is perfect for drones or fast feedback fantasia thanks to its simple, four-knob design and straight-to-the-point aesthetic and intention. This makes the NF-2 a perfect bullet for noise and experimental musicians looking for something to fill that wonking skronking hole in their setup.

NF-2 Features

  • 2 oscillators
  • All pass Filter
  • CV control of Oscillator 1
  • Power: 9VDC PSU (Center Negative)—PSU not included
Product Demo Videos
Quick Tip: "Analog" Style Noise Snares on a Sampler Tutorial
This Quick Tip shows how to use a sampler to make a noise burst snare that is a little bit different every time it is triggered. First you need a sample that is a minute or so long of either white noise or something a little more interesting like radio static or the output a noisy synth like the JMT NF-2 that we used in this video. Then load up the noise sample onto a pad of your sampler. Use a stepped random LFO or sample & hold that is triggered every time the sample is triggered. Set the LFO to modulate the start point of the sample. Adjust the attack and decay time or add a filter and effects to soften up the harshness of the noise sound.
JMT Synth NF-2 Noise Synthesizer Reviews