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JMT Synth LD-2 Desktop Synthesizer

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JMT Synth LD-2

The LD-2 is one of the fiercest synthesizers in the entire JMT aresenal—and that's saying something! As its abundant front panel interface indicates, this juggernaut packs quite the whallop. Where its predecessor featured controls across the top as well as the face of the synthesizer, the LD-2 opts to place them all in one convenient place. It features two VCOs routed to a VCF and Delay' each VCO can be manipulated with three integrated modulation sources: Noise, Quad LFO, and a single LFO. Additional features include a bypass switch for the delay and CV routing from the LFO to the VCF. It runs on DC9V negative center or a 9V battery.

LD-2 Features

  • Two VCOs
  • One VCF and Delay effect
  • Per-oscillator noise source, quad LFO, and single LFO
  • Power: 2.1mm 9V DC input (Negative Center) or a 9V battery.
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