JHS PedalsBonsai Overdrive Pedal

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JHS Pedals Bonsai Overdrive Pedal

Bonsai, from JHS Pedals, infuses the modern era with that vintage 70s touch. The pedal is controlled via rotary knob, which moves through nine classic Screamer variations. Chosen models include the OD-1, TS-808, TS-9, MSL (Power or L Series), TS-10, Exar OD-1, TS-7, Keeley Mod Plus, and JHS Strong Mod. With Bonsai, users have access to nine classic tube screamers in a single pedal!

Bonsai Features

  • 9 classic tube screamers in a single overdrive pedal
  • Emulates 40 years of pedals with completely analog circuitry
  • Identical components to original units
  • True-bypass switching
  • Power specs: Standard 9VDC Center Negative Supply
  • Dimensions:
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