JHS Pedals3 Series Octave Reverb Pedal


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JHS Pedals 3 Series Octave Reverb

The JHS 3 Series Octave Reverb pedal is a compact versatile effect that gives you a luscious reverb with the option to add an octave up or down to the feedback path. As with all 3 Series pedals, you get affordability and stability with three simple control knobs. For the Octave Reverb, you have a Verb amount, Octave amount, and a Decay length along with a toggle switch for upper and lower octaves. The switch makes this pedal more than just a shimmering celestial pad generator—conjure up guttural frequencies that shake the cockles, as well. Great for adding a little extra sauce to your signal chain, the JHS 3 Series Octave Reverb is great for any board.

3 Series Octave Reverb Features

  • 3 Series high quality affordable build quality
  • Reverb with octave up or down controls
  • 3 Parameters for ease of use: Verb, Octave, Decay
  • Switchable octave up or octave down
  • Dimensions: 4.42 X 2.38 X 1.22 in
  • Power Specs: 9V DC center negative PSU (not included)
Product Demo Videos
The JHS Octave Reverb and Harmonic Tremolo / $99 Dollars / Amazing Sounds
This week we debut not one, not one and a half, but two new 3 series pedals: the Harmonic Trem and Octave Reverb, A.K.A., the only two pedals you need to make your shimmery, glimmery guitar dreams come true.
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