JHS PedalsMuffuletta Fuzz / Distortion Pedal


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JHS Pedals Muffuletta Fuzz / Distortion Pedal

The Muffuletta, from JHS Pedals, is a salacious fuzz/distortion pedal filled to the brim with a characteristic deviance that only the Big Muff circuit could provide. Consequently, the pedal’s design is emulative of the original Big Muff, going so far as to replicate five revisions or the original circuit and slather them with that characteristic JHS steeze. The unit’s all-analog design, compact size, and inherent multifunctionality make it an ideal inclusion to any pedalboard.

Muffuletta Features

  • Emulates classic Big Muff circuits: 73 Rams Head, The Triangle, The Pi, The Russian, The Civil War
  • One new JHS take on the Big Muff circuit
  • Controls for Volume, Sustain, Tone in each mode
  • Standard 9VDC center negative power (supply not included)
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