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JHS Pedals Colour Box

The Colour Box, from JHS Pedals, brings the classic guitar sounds found in everything from The Beatles to Jackson 5 to Radiohead. The commonality between all of these acts is their proclivity to route a guitar directly into a vintage console for select tracks. The Colour Box was designed to emulate this sound to the letter using a completely analog signal path. Consequently, users now have a means of imparting vintage analog tone directly into their setup. But that's far from the whole story, as the Colour Box is also capable of covering all the ground traversed by pristine studio preamps. This latter feature makes the pedal ideal for any instrument, no matter whether it is a microphone, bass, keyboard, acoustic guitar, and more.

Colour Box Features:

  • Gain (RED): The Pre Volume (labeled "Pre-Vol") can be used the same as you would a Drive knob on an overdrive pedal. In this circuit, the Pre Volume is between the two gain stages, and the setting of the Pre Volume determines how much signal continues to the second stage. The Master Gain (labeled "Master") is what would typically be considered as a Volume control. Other terms are "master volume" or the "output trim. The Step Gain (labeled "Step") changes the gain of each preamp stage in five stages.
  • Equalizer / Tone Control (BLUE): The tone control section is a highly modified Baxandall type that is tuned for less control interaction and more boost/cut capability.  The center frequencies are Treble 10kHz, Middle 1kHz, and Bass 120Hz, with +/- 17dB of control.
  • Highpass Filter (YELLOW): The Highpass spans from 60Hz to 800Hz with a 6dB per octave slope. This control allows you to only let high frequencies pass. In return you will find a vast palet of tones that sit perfect and inspire textures that you have never heard from your rig. The toggle switch will turn the Highpass on or off.
  • XLR Combo Input
  • Input Selector Switch
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