Jennie GottschalkExperimental Music Since 1970


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Jennie Gottschalk Experimental Music Since 1970

In Experimental Music Since 1970, Jennie Gottschalk takes an in-depth survey of the modern experimental canon. The text takes the stance that experimental music is not a historical phenomenon, but rather a development of practice for the artist in which they pay special attention to not only the processes chosen for the work, but also the questions that are posed through the context of the work. In this writing, Gottschalk takes the reader through an examination of not only some of the most important artists and techniques of the experimental lexicon, but the areas of content that informs the art as well. Through this medium, Gottschalk creates a staggering accomplishment—she achieves a text that serves not only as a wonderful foothold for newer initiates into experimental music, but also one that reassures and works as reference for any veteran of experimental music.

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  • Author: Jennie Gottschalk
  • Page Count: 304
  • Page Count: 304
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