James CiglerPatch TCG - Volume Two


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James Cigler Patch TCG

Back to spice up your modular patching once more, Patch TCG Volume 2 picks up where the original left off, adding a whole new card type and a number of other new cards to change up your music. There's a number of different ways to play, and best of all, the rules are merely suggestions—the cards are a framework to inspire new ways to think about your system.

With Volume 2, there are now four types of cards: Abstraction, Progression, Disruption, and Interaction. The Abstraction cards often serve as a basis for an element or the entirety of a patch, while Progression cards exist to nudge the patch in new, gradual directions. On the other hand, Disruption cards can totally turn your patch upside down with radical changes. For the new Interaction cards, they take a more meta approach by affecting the other cards, by shuffling cards from the discard pile back into the deck or replaying previously used cards, for example.

Patch TCG also supports multiplayer games, which is a welcome change form the often lone wolf approach to patching. Whether you' re working with Eurorack, Buchla, Serge, or any other type of modular synthesizer, Patch TCG is sure to invoke some fun new ideas and spur some inspiration for thinking about your instrument in a different way.

Patch TCG Features

  • Modular card game
  • Includes four cart types
  • Abstraction cards define rules for the game or patch
  • Progression cards allow the patch to change and evolve
  • Disruption cards challenge the existing patch, often changing it entirely
  • Interaction cards work with the cards themselves
  • Includes 25 cards
  • Open-ended rule system for one to many players
  • Pack of 25 playing cards
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James Cigler Patch TCG - Volume Two Reviews