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James CiglerPatch TCG - Volume One


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James Cigler Patch TCG

Patch: The Card Game from James Cigler is a card game for your modular synthesizer. It's a great way to help you get out of your head and traditional patching styles, providing direction and suggestions you may not otherwise have come up with.

Patch TCG features three card types: Abstractions, Progressions, and Disruptions. The nine abstraction cards set a rule or framework for your patch. Progressions provide a simple framework for evolving or morphing your patch in simple or complex ways. Disruptions, on the other hand, offer significant interruptions that may provide a challenge for the patchee.

Shuffle the abstraction cards on their own and mix and shuffle the progression and disruption cards. First: draw an abstraction card or several; these will set the basic framework for your patch. At an unspecified interval, draw from the other pile. This new card will provide a new instruction for how to construct your patch. Draw as many cards from this pile as you like for as long as you would like. The rules are intentionally left open-ended to facilitate a wide range of patching styles and challenges. Use one of the suggested methods of choosing which module to affect with a card rule, or make up your own. Suggested strategies include closing your eyes and randomly selecting a module with your finger or patch cable, rolling dice, or simply throw the card at your modular system.

While patching a modular synthesizer is often a solo affair, Patch TCG is open-ended, allowing several players to interact with a single system or multiple systems in their own way. If you need a little inspiration or just want a fun, new way to interact with your modular synthesizer, Patch TCG provides a unique set of instructions to get your creative juices flowing.

Patch TCG Features

  • Modular card game
  • Includes three card types
  • Abstraction cards set rules for the game
  • Progression cards gentle evolve or morph the patch
  • Disruption cards make significant and often challenging changes to the patch
  • 25 total cards
  • Open-ended system allows for a wide range of playing styles and approaches
  • One to many participants
  • Pack of 25 playing cards
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Product Demo Videos
We Play PATCH THE CARD GAME w/ the Make Noise Shared System
In this video, our Patch Pals Wes and Jacob try out Patch The Card Game, the modular-focused card game designed to inspire new and creative ways to patch your system. Developed by modular mogul James Cigler, the first volume of Patch TCG provides three types of cards to help craft patches and make changes ranging from subtle to drastic. Abstraction cards tend to provide a starting point for a new patch or add in a substantial element, while Progression and Disruption cards respectively signify small and large modifications to shake things up.

Because of its fairly open-ended approach, there are no hard rulesets or highly specific ways to play Patch TCG, and it totally facilitates single or multiplayer experiences. Wes and Jacob are using the Make Noise Black & Gold Shared System Plus in this particular video, but the cards are designed to work with any kind of patchable modular synthesizer.
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James Cigler Patch TCG - Volume One Reviews