JAM PedalsRipply Fall Chorus / Phaser

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JAM Pedals Ripply Fall

Combining the features of WaterFall and Ripple, the JAM Pedals Ripply Fall offers the lush chorus and vivid phaser functionality of both pedals in a sleek, compact, side-by-side enclosure with some unique new features to boot. An additional footswitch can be used to triple the WaterFall's speed, resulting in sounds anywhere from Leslie-speaker emulation to ring modulation effects and intense warbling. Additionally, two separate expression pedal inputs can be used to modulate WaterFall's depth and speed, respectively. Whether to take advantage of a compact and sleek enclosure to avoid further cluttering already-crowded pedalboards, or to dive head first into the world of analog chorus, vibrato, and phaser, Ripply Fall has gallons to offer

Ripply Fall Features

  • Analog chorus/vibrato and two-stage phaser
  • Independent footswitches for each "side" of the pedal
  • Two-way toggle switch to select chorus or vibrato
  • Two-way toggle switch to engage more or less WaterFall modulation
  • Internal trimmer to adjust WaterFall's maximum speed
  • Expression pedal inputs for both depth and speed of WaterFall's modulation
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.9 x 2"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative PSU (not included)
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