Jackson AudioBloom V2 Compressor + EQ Pedal (Black)


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Jackson Audio Bloom V2

Shape your dynamics with remarkable fidelity using Jackson Audio's Bloom V2, featuring compression, EQ, and the titular Bloom circuit rolled into one pedal. Bloom's core is an LA-2A-style optical compression circuit and keeps things dead simple with controls for Comp, dry signal Blend, and output Volume. However, hold down the Comp footswitch to enter programming mode, where you may tap the switch to scroll through six different preset modes. These modes provide a number of different preset attack settings, while some even engage a hidden, secondary compressor for singingly sustained tones.

For more flexibility, Bloom features a Baxandall EQ circuit, which can be engaged by tapping both footswitches at once. This three-band EQ offers 12dB of boost or cut on each band, and serves as a vital shaping tool that works well with dynamics circuits.

The Bloom circuit, for which this pedal is named, is a unique compressor-meets-boost circuit that features level ramping for drawn-out, dramatic effects! Best of all, much of this pedal is open to MIDI control, allowing you to engage or bypass each block or manually select different compressor settings. Bloom V2 will do what it says to your tones—the sound of your rig will be filled and enhanced with beautiful color and character.

Bloom V2 Features

  • Multifunctional dynamics processor pedal
  • Dual-stage optical compression based on the LA-2A
  • Volume and Comp controls
  • Blend allows for parallel compression tones
  • 3-band Baxandall EQ with +/12dB boost/cut per band
  • Bloom circuit adds boost and sustain
  • MIDI controllable
  • Dimensions: 2.7" x 4.875′′
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative (PSU Not included)
Jackson Audio Bloom V2 Compressor + EQ Pedal (Black) Reviews