ISP TechnologiesTheta Preamp Distortion + Noise Reduction Pedal


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ISP Technologies Theta Preamp

The THETA Preamp from ISP Technologies is a pedal preamp, geared towards guitar players who expect more from their preamplifiers. It provides up to 160dB of ultra-clean gain with exceptional clarity and signal fidelity. The Dynamic Saturation Modulation provides the feel and sound of a saturated tube power amplifier. Shape your tone to the perfect specifications using the onboard shaping controls. These tailor the sound and occur both pre and post-distortion. The Decimator G-String II circuit provides unmatched real-time noise reduction to ensure the cleanest possible performance. THETA delivers with incredible sound quality, low-noise performance, and a sweet and smooth sound you'll find yourself reaching for again and again.

Theta Preamp Features

  • Two-channel preamp
  • Geared towards guitar players, but works with a wide range of input sources
  • 140dB of ultra-clean gain
  • Decimator G String II noise reduction offers 80dB of noise reduction
  • Pre and post distortion shaping
  • Bass and treble adjustment, plus sweepable mid
  • Dimensions: Bass control: +/-15dB at 80Hz
  • Power Specs: Treble control: +/-15dB at 10kHz
  • Mid: +/-12dB at a sweepable range of 300Hz-6kHz
  • Decimator noise reduction: Greater than 80dB
  • 9V AC
  • 7 x 5 x 1.9"/178 x 127 x 48mm
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