IsoAcousticsISO-200 Studio Monitor Isolators (Pair)


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IsoAcoustic ISO-200

The ISO-200 pair, from IsoAcoustics, effectively isolates mounted speakers by stopping the energy emitted therein from hitting surrounding surfaces. This allows the speakers to perform optimally in free space without any surfaces dampening the sound. The new ISO series of isolator stands builds upon the previous ISO-L8R series, providing enhanced performance through a redesigned frame and lower profile when used with the shorter legs.

The ISO-200 feature adjustable height and tilt for optimal positioning. There are also two sets of height tubing and two sets of end-plug pairs—both of which enable 14 steps of height adjustment. All of this means that each stand can easily be oriented into the most convenient position.

These isolators are specifically designed to support monitors under 60 pounds. They can raise speakers a total of 4” or 8”.

ISO-200 Features

  • Patented “Floating” Architecture for audio image stabilizing
  • Frame and inserts (used for tilting the speaker) constructed of high-density plastic and steel tubes
  • Isolators made of a high-modulus co-polymer that provides the perfect blend of strength and flexibility
  • Tighter Bass Response and more Openness throughout entire frequency range
  • Provides stronger phantom images
  • Accommodates large monitors with weights of up to 60 lbs
  • 2 Different Height Configurations: 4” or 8”
  • Up to 14 variations of height and tilt adjustments
  • W x D: 7.8” x 10”
  • Height Configurations: 4” or 8”
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