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Isla Instruments S2400

Own a piece of history with the Isla Instruments S2400, a faithful rejuvenation of the beloved E-Mu SP-1200 sampler, whose crunchy sound graced the tape heads and needles of many classic albums. More than just a replica, the S2400 modernizes the SP-1200 with USB, MIDI, tons of I/O via 1/4" and RCA along with updated audio engines for a hi-fi sound—or of course, you can always stay classic with the 12-bit, 26kHz Classic mode.

Updated interfacing options including high quality faders and luscious RGB pads let you dynamically interact with the samples. Using an SD card, you can store up to 1TB of audio samples and easily load sounds by simply connecting it to a computer. The quality of the components from the pro-audio rotary pots, to the Broadcast Equipment grade pushbutton switches, to the Grayhill optical encoder lets you know that this is going to be with you for the long haul.

The S2400 can use pre-recorded samples as well as live input recording. To stay true to the classic, while giving you an option for modernity, the inputs feature one channel of analog anti-aliasing that is just like the original SP-1200, and another channel of clean audio. After loading your sounds in, you are greeted with a plethora of options from assignable envelopes to sample splicing to DSP-based filters with the option for future upgrades.

When composing on the S2400, you can store up to 100 patterns that are up to 100 bars long in each project, and after you set up a sequence, you can open the built-in step editor, see all the events, and adjust any of them on a per-step basis. These patterns can be arranged in the Song mode, which lets you decide how often to repeat a section, what's muted, and when to move on to a new pattern.

Aside from programing sequences and sampling, you also have an 8-track live looper with each track capable of recording up to 19s each. Of course, you can then save these loops as samples and you can freely manipulate it as you would with any other audio file. Built-in are two 3.5mm clock inputs and outputs, which are designed to interface with anything that accepts or generates a sync signal (including Eurorack modular synthesizer equipment).

Ranking up there with the MPC or the SP-1200 that preceded it, Isla Instruments' S2400 is sure to be a modern classic that will find a home in any studio setup, quickly moving to be the beating heart of your compositional practice.

S2400 Features

  • Sampler and drum machine inspired by the E-Mu SP-1200
  • 8 Independent audio outputs for each track
  • 4x 1/4" Input Jacks and 2x Stereo RCA Jacks
  • First channel of each stereo input has a "Classic" option for analog preamp processing and 12-bit, 26kHz recording
  • DSP-based effects for filtering with upgrades possible in the future
  • 32x Audio tracks with 16-voice polyphony available with the sequencer
  • 32 MIDI tracks
  • 96PPQN Clock
  • Built-in drum samples
  • Premium components from rotary knobs, to switches, to faders
  • Compatible with SD cards up to 1TB
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 5–3 (angled) in // 460 x 310 x 130–80 (angled) mm
  • Weight: 13lbs / 6 Kgs
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru (Standard 5-pin DIN)
  • Outputs: 2 × 1/4" Stereo Mix Out, 8 × 1/4" Individual audio outs
  • Inputs: 4 × 1/4" External input jacks (with adjustable pre-amp modes), 2 × Stereo RCA Line/Phono Inputs (with dual phono pre-amps)
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 device port. (USB Audio/MIDI)
  • USB Host port (connect external USB peripherals, MIDI controllers etc)
  • 3.5mm Clock/trigger in and out jacks
  • Power: Universal Voltage100-250V AC Mains powered via IEC cable
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