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IOLabsFlux Trigger Sequencer


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IOLabs Flux

Flux from IOLabs is a full featured rhythm sequencer for Eurorack that creates complex rhythms or generates modulation, and does all of this with their Temporal Modulation Synthesis technology. Flux doesn't achieve this with quantization but uses complex algorithms to get a more organic and human feel. Across four channels of their Temporal Modulation Synthesis, each with three rhythm outs and a CV modulation output, you pilot this musical command center using a handy screen and a series of knobs. Program complex sequences effortlessly and with up to 64 triggers per step and 16 steps per channel, you can get wildly complex.

In addition to the trigger generation on each channel, you also have three Aux outputs that are assignable and each channel also has a modulation matrix along with three modulation buses. Make use of the 8 CV inputs for lovely interconnected mayhem, four of which are assignable and the other with dedicated functions for clocking or muting outputs. Don't worry about getting confused, the helpful color LEDs let you know which output is associated with which channel giving you feedback when they are outputting. Four macro knobs are freely assignable letting you customize your experience. With their unique TM Synthesis algorithm, letting you adjust the curvature of time, IOLabs' FLUX is a powerful brain for your Eurorack case.

Flux Features

  • Proprietary Temporal Modulation Synthesis algorithm
  • 58 Temporal modulation curves
  • 4 Channels of trigger and modulation sequencing
  • CV Outputs can send 1V/Oct
  • 8 External CV inputs
  • Dedicated external clock, reset, start/stop & mute all gates inputs
  • 4 Assignable macro knobs
  • Luscious screen
  • Humanize algorithm
  • Max4Live device for computer-based control
  • 3 Modulation busses per channel
  • 64 Triggers per step
  • 16 Steps per channel
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 32hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 160mA @ +12v, 50mA @ -12v
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