Intellijel DesignsTangrams Dual ADSR Envelope Generator


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Intellijel Designs Tangrams

Building on their beloved Dual ADSR, Intellijel's Tangrams is a powerhouse combo of envelope generators, VCAs, and complex control voltage generation. In its most basic applications, Tangrams is a dual analog ADSR envelope generator inspired by classic Roland instruments like the SH-101, with a set of three timing ranges for Slow, Medium, or Fast envelopes. Manually trigger each envelope with the push buttons, or connect your favorite CV gate generator to follow played notes or sequences. There's even a retrigger input for forced reset of the envelope during the sustain stage, and a courtesy VCA input allows you to easily process audio or control voltage signals—freeing up external VCAs for other purposes.

Where Tangrams goes well beyond traditional ADSR duties is in its inclusion of a unique Pulser. Consisting of two timing stages known as T1 and T2, the Pulser may be routed to either or both envelopes for a variety of complex cyclical or one-shot envelope shapes. Use this as an EMS Synthi-style trapezoid generator, or create wonky cycling envelopes with irregular periods. And for external patching fun, the Pulse output can provide a gate from either T1 or T2. Expand your perception of what ADSR envelopes can do with Tangrams from Intellijel.

Tangrams Features

  • Dual ADSR envelope with intergrated VCAs and digital Pulser gate generator
  • Envelope timing ranges: FAST ~5 seconds, MED ~35 seconds, SLOW ~1min (maximum Attack/Decay times)
  • Gate and Retrigger inputs
  • Manual gate buttons
  • VCA for envelope modulation or external signal processing
  • Digital Pulser gate generator
  • Cv-controllable T1 and T2 timing stages
  • Pulses may be routed to envelopes independently
  • One-shot and Cycling Pulser modes
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 66mA @ +12V, 49mA @ -12V
Intellijel Designs Tangrams Dual ADSR Envelope Generator Reviews