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Intellijel Designs Sealegs

Whether through gentle ambient tides or rough waves of heavy modulation, Intellijel's Sealegs ensures you're always prepared for seafaring—that is, applying generous delays and reverbs to your modular patches. Sealegs is a multi-model, stereo delay module with incredibly open-ended parameterization, allowing you to find the ideal time and spatialization effect for your patch. Between the Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital models available on Sealegs, you can equip yourself with a solid baseline for the type of delay sound that you desire. But Sealegs then goes above and beyond in the sheer number of parameters available to you in creating the ultimate, personalized time effect.

Regardless of your chosen mode, Sealegs can provide you with up to six seconds of base delay time, set manually, with tap tempo, or an external clock source. But with the Width control, with its functionality defined by the three stereo configuration modes, can up to 33% additional delay time to the right channel—that's eight seconds at its maximum. Of course, there's also a Feedback control and the ability to freeze the contents of the delay buffer for capturing a moment in time indefinitely, until it's finally time to let go.

In the middle of Sealegs is a sophisticated modulation section, capable of wiggling the delay times about in a wide variety of ways. Delay effects have long had simple LFOs on hand to modulate their delay time, such as the triangle oscillators found in classic modulated delay and chorus pedals. Sealegs does offer the basic shapes, but it also offers meticulously modeled Wow & Flutter for tape-like fluctuations, as well as envelope followers and stepped or smooth random for more bizarre textures. Rate and Depth sliders internally map the modulation to the delay times, but with the courtesy Mod CV output you can route this signal anywhere else on Sealegs or within your modular rig.

The tail-end of Sealegs' signal chain includes unique Color characteristics per-model, plus lowpass and highpass filtering. And as a bonus, the onboard Fog reverb offers lush sonic expanses straight from the 1970s. With all that it has to offer, Sealegs is a be-all, end-all delay processor that can lend any sort of sonic character to your patches.

Sealegs Features

  • Stereo delay processor with extensive control opportunities
  • Attenuverters on every CV input
  • Three delay models: Tape, BBD, and Digital
  • Up to 6 seconds of Delay time on Left Channel, 8 on right in Width mode
  • Noise control adds hiss and crackles to every sound
  • Drive control for Input saturation
  • Multi-mode modulator with numerous waveforms: Wow & Flutter, positive envelope follower, negative envelope follower, smooth random, stepped random, square, sine, sawtooth, triangle, and ramp
  • Modulation rate and depth controls
  • Color character shaping with different effects per model
  • Lowpass and highpass VCF for filtered repeats
  • Fog reverb adds even more lush decay to echoes
  • Delay Freeze function
  • Mod CV output
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 29mm
  • Current draw: 116mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Intellijel Sealegs
Our design goal for Sealegs was to create the warmest, most musical and organic delay module possible — something that would sweeten and enhance any audio one chose to feed into it. As such, great care has gone into modeling the most distinctive and desirable sonic characteristics of three different types of delay circuits: Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital.

A plethora of onboard controls enable you to dial in exactly the sound you want; synced or un-synced delays times (for both left and right channels); saturating input drive; a built-in modulator with 7 morphing waveshapes, Wow & Flutter emulation, and an envelope follower; plus dedicated low- and high-pass filters; built-in hiss & crackle noises; per-model color controls; a spacious reverb; and a re-configurable signal flow through the unit. In addition, attenuverted modulation inputs abound — ensuring the delay ebbs and flows with your musical needs.

- Three Unique delay models — Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital
- Per-model Color, Modulation behavior, and Saturation/Limiting
- True Stereo delay with separate L/R buffers
- Three Stereo configurations (PONG, Time/Width, L/R)
- Three Range variations for short Chorus/Flanger style delays to Long ambient repeats.
- Up to 6(L) and 8(R) seconds of delay time (Width can add up to 33% to Time)
- Built-in modulator with Wow & Flutter, Envelope Follower, and 7 morphing wave shapes
- Lush 1970s-inspired reverb with 3 insert positions.
- Saturating input drive with level trim
- Stable external clock (or tap tempo) sync for Delay Times or Modulation
- Highpass and Lowpass filters for filtered repeats
- Freeze functionality for holding the buffer and looping
- Nine CV inputs with attenuverters
- 96 kHz 24-bit Stereo I/O and 32-bit floating point internal processing
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