Intellijel DesignsOR Gate & Trigger Combiner


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Intellijel OR

Intellijel’s OR is a logic module that specializes in combining gates, triggers, and clocks. Each section has three inputs and a single output; however, the top output is normalled to section 2’s first input, making it possible to use the module as a 6:1 logic combiner. The OR is completely passive and does not consume power or require a power cable. 

OR Features

  • Dual 3 Input 1 Output logic combiners – top section output is normalled into the bottom section input 1 allowing for 6 Input 1 Output operation
  • Passive Diode Logic – so there is a voltage drop of approximately 0.7V between the input and output
  • Eurorack Module
  • 2 HP Width
  • 18mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 0mA @ +/-12V
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