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Intellijel Designs Metropolix Solo

Busting out of the rack, the Metropolix Solo puts the beloved Intellijel sequencer module into a standalone form factor. Metropolix balances the immediacy of step sequencing via sliders and slide switches with the ability to dive in to create complex configurations, evolving patterns, and entire performance sets. And now that it's housed in a sleek aluminum case with MIDI I/O and USB-C connectivity, Metropolix Solo is ready to work with any piece of gear that you throw at it.

Metropolix provides two pitch and gate outputs, representing two separate tracks that may be controlled with the slider and switch interface. These tracks then offer a number of additional configurations via the white buttons in the bottom left of the panel, with independent settings for playback order, length, clock division, swing, slide, and gate length. Deeper still, the menus offer transposition, note range settings, and more to dial things in even further, as well as optional per-step modifiers like probability and ratcheting.

Beyond the two sequencer tracks, Metropolix also offers eight modulation lanes to control a variety of internal or external destinations. Perhaps most obviously, you can have auxiliary control voltages generated at the A and B outputs, which may be used to control other aspects of your patches that might benefit from sequencing. Alternatively, assign these to a variety of MIDI CCs to manipulate external hardware pieces. Of course, these lanes are just as malleable as the primary sequencers and can be set to different playback orders, lengths, and clock divisions. You can also patch in external modulations with the assignable X, Y, and Z inputs, or use the two Ctrl knobs for manual control.

While Metropolix will always remember what you're doing (even after power cycles), 64 preset slots afford pattern-chaining possibilities. You can also set presets to only recall the "structural" elements of your patch, without overwriting pitches and settings on the front panel. There's also Loopy mode, which puts manual triggering of stages at your fingertips and sub-sequence playback if desired.

Whether it's in the rack or in its mobile chassis, Metropolix Solo is a powerful sequencer with abundant connectivity and capabilities.

Metropolix Solo Features

  • 8-stage, 2-track sequencer
  • Highly configurable step sequencers with global, per-track, and per-stage parameters
  • Global pitch, pulse count, and gate type settings
  • Playback Order, Length, Division, Swing, Slide, and Gate settings per track
  • Slide, Skip, Pitch override Gate override, Ratcheting, Probability, and CV Accumulation settings per step
  • Additional 8 modulation lanes, with independent Order, Length, and Division settings
  • Loopy mode for manual playback, subsequence triggering
  • A and B outputs with assignable modulation source
  • 8 banks of 8 presets: 64 total
  • MIDI TRS Type-A In, Out, and Thru (DIN adapter included)
  • USB-C port for computer MIDI connections
  • Dimensions: 6.9" x 5.5" x 2.6" / 175 x 140 x 66 mm
  • 34hp width as Eurorack module
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