Intellijel DesignsHub Passive Multiple Magnetic


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Intellijel Passive Hub

Intellijel’s famous ‘Hub’ is a 4-channel passive multiple encased in a hard plastic enclosure that conveniently offers users a way to multiply any signal in their system. This particular version is magnetic, meaning it contains neodymium magnets on each side that allow multiple Hubs to be stacked together, or for individual Hubs to be attached to various metal parts of one’s case.  

Passive Hub Features

  • 4-Channel Passive Multiple
  • Durable plastic enclosure
  • High quality gold plated jacks mounted on a pcb
  • Fully serviceable (just undo two screws to access the jacks)
  • Super strong rare earth neodymium magnets on both sides of the enclosure so that you can magnetically stack them or conveniently attach them to metal or magnetic strips on your case (can even attach to screws)
  • Passive Operation
  • Magnetic Version
  • 3.5mm Jacks
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