Intellijel Designs Dubmix Mini Expander

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Intellijel Dubmix Mini Expander

Intellijel’s Dubmix Mini Expander provides four CV inputs, direct I/O for the Aux Send—making it easy for users to create a custom aux send path using other VCAs in their system, and a Master Stereo Input that increases the number of available inputs. 

The module connects to the Dubmix with a single ribbon cable, can be connected alongside the Aux Expander, and is completely passive. 

Dubmix Mini Expander Features

  • Adds VC for the 4 channel inputs
  • Direct outs plus a stereo return jacks allow you to configure your own aux send system using other VCAs (like a Linix module or uVCA)
  • Totally passive (no power needed)
  • Connects via single ribbon cable to Dubmix.
  • Mini Expander and Aux Expander can both be connected to the main module at the same time.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 6 HP
  • Depth: ~50mm
  • Current Draw: 0mA (Passive)
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