Intellijel DesignsStereo Out Jacks 1U Expander


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NOTE: This 1U module is only compatible with Intellijel 1U cases. It is not compatible with Pulp Logic, Synthrotek, or Vermona 1U cases.

Intellijel Designs Stereo Out Jacks 1U

Intellijel's Stereo Out 1U Jacks module is meant to pair with their Stereo Line Out 1U module in order to provide Intellijel 1U-compatible cases a simple and effective means of output control. Providing two 1/4" balanced TRS outputs, Stereo Out 1U Jacks makes it easy to interface your modular system with external mixers, audio interfaces, effect processors, and more.

Stereo Out Jacks 1U Features

  • 1U Jack module for use with Intellijel's Stereo Out 1U
  • Provides Stereo Out 1U with two balanced TRS output jacks
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 34mm
  • Current draw: Passive
Intellijel Designs Stereo Out Jacks 1U Expander Reviews