Instruo[1]f Fader Module


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Instruo [1]f

Add a little bit of utility to your rack with the [1]f from Instruo, giving you the ability to crossfade, attenuate, attenuvert, or just apply a DC offset. A single slider controls the output level or fade, and an LED indicates the output voltage. At just 2HP, this could be the exact thing you're looking for in a formfactor that's just right. Slide the [1]f into your rack today for that bit of extra finesse you crave.

[1]f Features

  • Compact utility module
  • Crossfader
  • Attenuator & attenuverter
  • Unipolar positive or negative offset
  • DC-coupled for audio and voltage processing
  • Bicolored LED for output voltage monitoring
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 2hp
  • Depth: 27mm
  • Current draw: 8mA @ +12V, 8mA @ -12V
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