Innerclock SystemsMulti-Split MIDI Clock Splitter


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Innerclock Systems Multi-Split

Split your MIDI and DIN-Sync clocks across up to 7 different devices with the Multi-Split from Innerclock Systems. Sometimes you just need to have rock-solid timing for all your devices and that can be challenging without the right equipment. Even worse, with some solutions you risk tempo drifting, which can swing your groove way out there when you don't want it to be. With the Multi-Split, they boast 0 samples of jitter and latency so you can be sure that the clock signal is getting through and staying steady. If you have a lot of outboard instruments and gear that needs MIDI or DIN-Sync to stay in time, the Multi-Split from Innerclock Systems is a must-have.

Multi-Split Features

  • 7-Way MIDI/DIN clock splitter
  • MIDI and DIN-Sync inputs
  • Each output is switchable between MIDI and DIN
  • Master MIDI RX port x 1
  • Master Din-Sync RX port x 1
  • Format-switchable Din-Sync / MIDI TX ports x 7
  • MIDI RX > MIDI TX Latency: Zero samples
  • MIDI RX > MIDI TX Jitter: Zero samples
  • Din-Sync RX to Din-Sync TX Latency: Zero samples
  • Din-Sync RX to Din-Sync TX Jitter: Zero samples
  • Weight: 1.0kg
  • Dimensions: (D) 205mm (W) 165mm (H) 53mm
  • Power supply: Input IEC 100 ~ 250VAC / Output 12VDC 1.5A
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