InfinitedigitsPikocore Lo-Fi Music Mangler


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Infinitedigits Pikocore

Pikocore, a handheld audio device by Infinitedigits, is a lo-fi music mangler for chopping and affecting samples with immediacy and satisfaction. Operating on pre-loaded samples, Pikocore is designed for creating spontaneous drum breaks, glitched out melodies, and any otherwise care-free approaches to scrambling up your audio files. Onboard effects and sequencing keep things rolling, and sync compatibility with the beloved Pocket Operator series makes Pikocore an instrument that plays well with others. And with a design based around the Raspberry Pi Pico, Pikocore is also easily hackable, allowing you to pursue your own fun hardware ideas in a pre-built package. If your music is all about fun and surprise (as it should be), then Pikocore is perfectly suited to spice up your samples.

Pikocore Features

  • Handheld lofi music mangler
  • 8 minutes of sample memory: 8-bit, 33kHz mono
  • Sequencer with range of 50 to 305 BPM
  • Onboard effects include reverse, filtering, stretching, and more
  • Compatible with Pocket Operator sync signals
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Open-source and hackable
  • Based on Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2"
  • Powered by USB-C or 1x AAA battery
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