HypersynthHcard-750 MkII Preset Memory Cartridge for Roland D-50


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Hypersynth Hcard-750 MkII

The Hcard-750 MkII is a modern memory cartridge for Roland's D-50, greatly expanding the number or presets instantly available at your fingertips. The D-50 can normally only store 64 presets with its internal memory, and while vintage memory cards double this number to 128, they're hard to come by these days and require an internal battery to retain their sounds. But with the Hcard-750, these concerns can be left in the past. More modern memory allows a single Hcard-750 to hold 64 banks with 64 presets—that's 4096 sounds! It also draws power from the synth itself, so there's no need to worry about your beloved patches vanishing with a dying battery. To get you started, the Hcard-750 includes not only the factory sounds, but also 11 additional banks of popular user sounds created over the years—the remaining banks are blank for your own sounds! Spruce up your D-50 sound design workflow with the Hypersynth Hcard-750 MkII.

Hcard-750 MkII Features

  • Expands D-50 memory from 64 presets to 4096
  • Includes factory soundbank plus 11 curated user banks
  • Over 52 blank banks available for user sounds
  • No internal battery—power drawn from synth
  • No battery required—power drawn from synth
  • CNC metal casing with anodized finish
Hypersynth Hcard-750 MkII Preset Memory Cartridge for Roland D-50 Reviews