HypersynthHcard-702 MkII Preset Memory Cartridge for Yamaha DX7II


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Hypersynth Hcard-702 MkII

Hypersynth's Hcard-702 MkII is the perfect memory expansion card for your Yamaha DX7II, tricked out with modern features and support for DX7s, DX11, RX7, and RX5 as well. The DX7II's internal memory is limited to one bank of 64 presets, and vintage cartidges were available to increase the number of immediately accessible sounds to 128. Hcard-702 goes to the next level though, and utilizes more modern memory storage to offer a whopping 100 banks of presets—6400 sounds total! 21 of these banks are pre-programmed with the factory sounds and well-known user sounds, while the remaining banks are left blank for your own sound design endeavors. Bank navigation is easy with the numerical LCD display, and the MkII version feature more robust, metal construction that'll last you for years to come. Take your DX7II sounds to new heights with Hypersynth's Hcard-702 MkII.

Hcard-702 MkII Features

  • Expands DX7II memory from 64 presets to 6400
  • Includes over 20 banks of factory and curated user sounds
  • Banks 21-99 are blank, leaving plenty of room for your own patches!
  • Also compatible with DX7s, DX11, RX7, and RX5
  • No internal battery—power drawn from synth
  • No battery required—power drawn from synth
  • CNC metal casing with anodized finish
Hypersynth Hcard-702 MkII Preset Memory Cartridge for Yamaha DX7II Reviews