Hungry RobotThe Wash V2 Manual Control Delay Pedal


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Hungry Robot The Wash V2 Manual Control Delay Pedal

The Wash v2 is a characteristically earthy delay with just the right amount of ambience. On the surface, the pedal features a straightforward design and intuitive front panel interface with controls governing the total number of repeats, the repeat volume, the volume of the Wash circuit, the clarity of the Ripple effect, the length of the Wash decay, and a manual delay time control. 

Internally, the Wash circuit, where the pedal derives its name, lets users delve deep into the abyssal depths of all things ambient, affording the ability to construct complex layers for undeniably stunning sonics.

The Wash v2 features up to 1000ms of delay time and a Ripple parameter that morphs the delay trails into reverb for even more ambience. From there, users can fine-tune their dynamics to achieve an array of possible tonal configurations while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the host signal.

This is the MANUAL version of the Wash v2. It does not contain tap tempo functionality, meaning the delay time must be configured manually via the corresponding front panel knob.

The Wash V2 Manual Control Features

  • D.Level: part of “Delay Circuit.” Controls volume of repeats of the delay.
  • D.Feedback: part of “Delay Circuit.” Controls the number of repeats of the delay.
  • Wash: part of “Wash Circuit.” Controls the overall volume of the “Wash.” Turn this up for more present ambiance.
  • Ripple: part of “Wash Circuit.” Controls how pronounced the “ripple effect” is (see above).
  • Resonance: part of “Wash Circuit.” Control how long the “Wash” decays and is present.
  • Compact enclosure
  • Requires 9V DC 2.1mm "Boss" style plug with negative center (sold separately)
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