Hungry RobotWardenclyffe Mini Lo-Fi Pitch Modulator Pedal


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Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe Mini Lo-Fi Pitch Modulator Pedal

The Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe Mini is a lo-fi ambient modulator that adds texture and a unique character to your sounds. Inspired by Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, the module seeks to distill the essence of the prolific, esoteric, and revolutionary scientist. It combines the elements of filtering, vibrato, and reverb for a dynamic sound palette that works wonders on a huge range of input sources.

The onboard modulation LFO features depth and speed controls and a switch to select between a standard sine wave and glitchy semi-random modulation. Select between high pass to filter out low frequencies or low pass to remove high-frequency content. Engage the reverb using the pad switch for ambient washes of sound. The reverb does not have direct controls but interacts with the filter, giving a different character with each filter type. Independently set both the dry and wet levels to get the perfect mix. Wardenclyffe adds a lo-fi and distinctive character to your sounds and works great with everything from guitars to synthesizers.

Wardenclyffe Mini Features

  • Lo-fi modulation pedal
  • LFO with speed, depth, and two waveforms
  • Pad reverb adds space and depth bordering on near infinite sustain
  • Fixed low and high pass filters
  • Independent wet and dry levels
  • True bypass
  • Dimensions: 105mA @ 9V DC center negative 2.1mm barrel (not included)
Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe Mini Lo-Fi Pitch Modulator Pedal Reviews