Hungry RobotThe Wash V2 Tap Tempo Delay Pedal


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Hungry Robot The Wash V2 Tap Tempo Delay Pedal

The Wash v2, from Hungry Robot, imparts a distinctly organic delay onto any audio signal present at its input. Users have access to all crucial parameters via the pedal’s straightforward front panel interface and corresponding control knobs. Internally, the pedal is oriented around a unique Wash circuit, which affords the a relatively simple means of constructing complex layers of ambience.

In the past, such effects were only producible after chaining dozens of reverb and delay pedals together into a spaghettified headache—the Wash v2 completely sidesteps this conundrum by offering the same functionality in a conveniently-compact chassis that is small enough to fit on just about any pedalboard.

The pedal features up to 1000ms of delay alongside a Ripple effect. The latter alters the delay trails into reverb for even more controllable ambience. From there, the dynamics can be fine-tuned to achieve nearly limitless sounds while concurrently preserving the core characteristics of the input signal. 

This is the TAP TEMPO version of the Wash v2. Consequently, its delay time is governed by a tap tempo control, which affords a qualitative means of synchronizing the delay time.

The Wash V2 Tap Tempo Features

  • D.Level: part of “Delay Circuit.” Controls volume of repeats of the delay.
  • D.Feedback: part of “Delay Circuit.” Controls the number of repeats of the delay.
  • Wash: part of “Wash Circuit.” Controls the overall volume of the “Wash.”Turn this up for more present ambiance.
  • Ripple: part of “Wash Circuit.” Controls how pronounced the “ripple effect” is (see above).
  • Resonance: part of “Wash Circuit.” Control how long the “Wash” decays and is present.
  • Left Footswitch: Master on/off switch.
  • Middle Footswitch: Tap Tempo.
  • Right Footswitch: activates the “Wash Circuit.” Cannot be used independently. Left footswitch must be activated.
  • Compact enclosure
  • Requires 9V DC 2.1mm "Boss" style plug with negative center (sold separately)
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