Hungry RobotThe Borderland (Tap) Reverb Pedal


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Hungry Robot The Borderland (Tap) Reverb Pedal

The Hungry Robot Borderland is a complex reverb pedal with a robust modulation section featuring a tap tempo LFO that features eight waveforms. The modulation modes include vibrato/chorus, tremolo, three octave tremolo, and a mode that crossfades between a processed signal an octave up from the input signal. The incoming audio can also be shaped with a resonant low pass filter. Create lush soundscapes with a sustain footswitch that approaches infinite sustain. In addition to tap tempo, the pedal also accepts external clock signals for syncing with a modular synthesizer. On top of all that, an internal dip switch allows the algorithm to be changed from reverb to delay in order to reinvent the Borderland as a delay pedal.

The Borderland (Tap) Features

  • Tap tempo LFO with 8 LFO waveforms
  • Four modulation modes
  • Clock input that accepts 5v clock signal
  • Wet/dry control
  • Resonant low pass filter
  • Sustain footswitch
  • Can also be changed to a delay pedal with internal switch
  • 4.7 x 3.7 x 1.96"
  • 9VDC Center Negative PSU (not included)
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