Hikari InstrumentsDuos Eurorack Chaotic Synth Voice


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Hikari Instruments Duos Eurorack

Now available as a Eurorack module, this version of the Hikari Duos may be mounted into any Eurorack modular synthesizer, integrating its chaotic stereo drones into any system. At its simplest, Duos offers two VCOs routed into their own lowpass gates pinged by complementary LFOs. But the complexities and resulting magic of this quirky device are quickly made apparent when exploring its many options for modulation, cross-modulation, and chaos. Even so, Hikari put concentrated effort into elegant panel design, thus making its unpredictable nature much easier to navigate.

For modulation, Duos provides two LFOs, α and β, as well as stepped pseudo-random voltages via Chaos. Clocked by the rate of LFO β, Chaos may be applied to both LFOs and VCOs for random rate and frequency modulations, respectively. Add in the fact that both LFOs may themselves be modulated by square waves derived from the VCOs, and it becomes immediately clear that Duos is packed with numerous ways to conjure up bursts, blips, gurgles, and more.

Duos Eurorack interfaces with the rest of your system through jacks along the top of the module. Synthesists are provided with audio outputs for both VCOs, as well as LFO β's clock output and Chaos' CV output, while CV inputs are provided for Rate α, Rate β, and VCO frequency. Add a dash of exploration to your rig with Hikari's Duos Eurorack.

Duos Eurorack Features

  • Dual/stereo source of drones, bursts, and more
  • Two VCOs with shared frequency control
  • Dedicated LPGs per oscillator
  • LPG resonance and level controls
  • Pseudo-random stepped mdoulation source named Chaos
  • Dual LFOs with three-way rate switches
  • Abundant opportunities for cross-modulation and feedback
  • Individual audio outputs
  • Clock and Chaos CV outputs
  • CV inputs for LFOs and VCO frequency
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 24hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 120mA @ -12V
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