Heritage AudioRAM System 2000 Desktop Monitoring System w/ Bluetooth


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Heritage Audio RAM System 2000

Poised as the ultimate, modern studio monitor controller, the RAM System 2000 provides unparalleled routing and ultra-transparent circuitry for managing and maintaining the best quality audio delivery in the studio. Three pairs each of audio inputs and outputs allow for flexible routing of sources to destinations, with additional digital inputs for S/PDIF and Bluetooth. The bold, red knob is a 64-step relay ladder attenuator, with gold-plating to ensure smooth, quality signal transfer. RAM System 2000 also provides capability for talkback, routable to cue, mix, or all outputs. Additionally, there are two headphone outputs utilizing diamond buffers and high current drivers, suitable for use with any set of headphones, and provide monitoring or either the mix or cue signals. For a studio that needs powerful routing and monitoring control, the RAM System 2000 will be sure to deliver.

RAM System 2000 Features

  • Desktop monitor controller
  • 64-step ladder relay level attenuation
  • 3 pairs of balanced audio inputs
  • Independent Cue mix I/O
  • S/PDIF input
  • Bluetooth input for wireless connection to mobile devices and computers
  • 3 stereo outputs
  • Mix output
  • Subwoofer output allows for shared use with multiple speaker pairs
  • Functions for Dim, Mute, and Solo
  • Two user preset slots
  • Console style talkback system
  • 2 audiophile-quality outputs with high current drivers and diamond buffers
  • TBD
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