Heritage AudioOST-6 V2.0 500 Series Enclosure


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Heritage Audio OST-6 V2.0

Providing loads of space and pristine power for a flexible and high-performance set-up, the Heritage Audio OST-6 V2 is a six-slot powered enclosure for 500-series modules. Each slot on OST-6 V2 receives its own premium power protection, filtering, and isolation for the lowest noise and cleanest audio, no matter if they're used individually or as a stereo pair via the new to V2 "link" buttons. Great for racking in your studio, the OST-6 V2 has detachable rack ears and a sturdy handle for taking on the go for your favorite signal chains and processing in any setting. The spacier size and depth of the OST-6 V2 lends itself nicely for supporting larger modules that feature Class A and vacuum tube designs as well as "double-wide" vertical designs. Sending 400mA per rail or a total of 1.8A of high quality power across your modules makes the OST-6 V2 from Heritage Audio a stellar workhorse to support your recording and mixing needs.

OST-6 V2.0 Features

  • 500 series powered enclosure
  • Supports six slots and can be rack mounted
  • Link functionality for stereo linked channels
  • Per channel regulation, filtering, and protection
  • Supports a wide variety of 500 series sizes (Class A, vacuum tubes, "double wide", etc.)
  • Power capacity: 1.8A total (2A non-continuous), or 400mA per slot
  • Phantom power capacity: 140mA
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