Heritage AudioBT-500 500 Series Bluetooth Streaming Module


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Heritage Audio BT-500

What might become an understated but essential part of the modern recording studio, the BT-500 by Heritage Audio is a first of its kind 500 series module for Bluetooth streaming. It is often important to listen to reference tracks in the studio, whether for settling in with a new set of monitors or seeking inspiration when working on a mix. With the advent of streaming services and mobile devices, it becomes crucial to maintain an ideal audio path for the most accurate representation of sound. Fully eliminating the need for adapters and low-quality audio DACs present in mobile devices, the BT-500 provides compatibility with AAC and APTX codecs, which apply no compression or digital artifacts with the latest in Bluetooth technology, as well as legacy support for the SBC codec. With its affordable price and universal compatibility with practically any modern mobile device or laptop, the BT-500 by Heritage Audio is positioned to be an essential tool for comparing mixes in any studio.

BT-500 Features

  • 500 series module for Bluetooth streaming
  • Support for AAC, APTX, and SBC audio codecs
  • Reset button to change connections
  • Built-in antenna has range of over 100 meters
  • TBD
Heritage Audio BT-500 500 Series Bluetooth Streaming Module Reviews