Heritage Audio73JR II 500 Series Microphone Preamp


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Heritage Audio 73JR II 500 Series Microphone Preamp

The Heritage Audio 73JR II is a 500-series preampĀ that provides vintage-style preamplification with rich saturation, inspired by the famed 1073 microphone preamp. The Class-A circuitry offers 80dB of gain, more than enough for any dynamic, condenser, or ribbon microphone, plus +48V phantom power.

In addition to the mic input, it can also be used with line or instrument level signals with the DI input, with a Class A JFET circuit in line before the mic transformer. A Carnhill transformers on the input and output stages add warmth and character to your sounds. The gain and output level are independent so you can get rich saturation without clipping your levels. A -20dB pad, sweepable low cut filter, and phase inversion switch let you tailor the 73JR II to your needs.

73JR IIĀ Features

  • Preamp inspired by the classic 1073 preamp
  • 80dB of gain with independent output level
  • Carnhill input and output transformers
  • Class-A circuitry
  • JFET DI input stage before the transformer
  • Phase inversion
  • -20dB pad
  • Highpass filter with sweepable range from 20 to 220Hz
  • +48V phantom power
  • 88mA @ +16V, 88mA @ -16V
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