Heritage Audio73EQ JR 500 Series Equalizer


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Heritage Audio 73EQ JR

The Heritage Audio 73EQ JR is a 500-series EQ modeled after the famous 1073 that delivers musical and responsive equalization. Select the center frequency of the three bands and then add or remove emphasis. The high frequency features four selectable frequency ranges between 10-20kHz with +/-16dB shelving filter. The middle band is a peaking fixed Q inductor based EQ with +/-18dB and a range of six frequencies between 360Hz-7.2kHz. The low frequency band is a shelving filter with a range between 35Hz and 220Hz with four selectable frequencies. Not only is it an EQ, it includes a transformer coupled preamp and class-A transformer output. Heritage Audio paid special attention to the power handling with a slow turn on time that takes about 20 seconds to reach full voltage. This helps preserve your power supply and other 500-series modules. With a rich low end, distinct mid range, clear high frequency response, and added transformer output stage, the 73EQ jr delivers on the legacy of the 1073 EQ section.

73EQ JR Features

  • Vintage-style EQ
  • Shelving low band EQ with +/-16dB and four frequency ranges
  • Shelving high band EQ with +/-16dB and four frequency ranges
  • Peaking fixed EQ mid band EQ with +/-18dB and six frequency ranges
  • Transformer-coupled preamp and transformer output stage
  • Slow power on to improve performance of rack
  • TBD
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