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Herbs and StonesSolid Felt Desktop Stereo Filter


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Herbs and Stones Solid Felt

Solid Felt is the Herbs and Stones approach to the desktop filter box, and its patchable design allows its analog filters to be used in stereo, dual mono, or a number of other experimental applications. The two filters, A and B, may operate in lowpass, bandpass, or highpass modes, and feature resonance for squelchy sweeps or pinged and self-oscillation purposes. As a bonus, both cutoff frequency and mode feature control voltage inputs for control from other parts of Solid Felt or external synthesizers.

Along with the two filters, Solid Felt offers two LFOs and an envelope follower for some modular-style modulation techniques. LFO 1 features a morphable shape control from triangle to square, as well as dual outputs with one 180 degrees out of phase. An Invert gate input will momentarily flip the 180 degrees output to be in-phase. LFO 2 is a sawtooth waveform, with rising and falling ramps available at its outputs. The envelope follower defaults to tracking input A, but an external input is available for outside signals, and a Feel control defines the envelopes response to amplitude changes. As a bonus, the envelope follower feeds a clock divider, with two, four, and eight stage outputs to play with your past self.

With the routing buttons at the bottom, it's possible to route signals from input A into filter B for mono-to-stereo applications, as well as allow filter cutoff CV on Filter A to influence Filter B. But, it's also totally fine and valid to use Solid Felt as two totally independent filters. Regardless of how you choose to use Solid Felt, it's a wonderful sound-shaping companion that can bring some interesting movement to your music.

Solid Felt Features

  • Dual filters in desktop format
  • Modular design allows for stereo, dual-mono, or a wealth of other applications
  • Input gain with diode clipping
  • Two resonant 12dB/oct filters with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes
  • Mode and Frequency CV inputs
  • Onboard modulation section with envelope follower and two LFOs
  • Envelope follower feeds three-stage clock divider
  • Independent filter bypass switches
  • Route audio and/or frequency CV from Filter A into B
  • Dimensions: Power: 9VDC center negative (psu not included)
Herbs and Stones Solid Felt Desktop Stereo Filter Reviews