GS MusicGS e7 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module

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GS Music GS e7

GS Music presents their GS e7, a compelling desktop-sized analog synthesizer with seven voices of polyphony, support for multitimbrality and MPE, plus a host of other features and a phenomenal sound to boot. The GS e7 blends the best of both analog and digital technologies, maintaining a fully-analog signal path on the audio side plus some digital effects at the end, but also leveraging digital control where it counts most. The result is a reliable source of classic analog sounds, but with high levels of configurablity for unmatched versatility.

All of the best analog synths begin with solid oscillators, and the GS e7 is no exception. Two VCOs per voice offer a variety of waveforms: selectable triangle, sawtooth, and saw-tri, plus a variable sub-oscillator pulse wave which may be engaged separately. By engaging the Sync feature, oscillator two will be synced to the first for those classic hard-sync sounds. Each oscillator plus its sub are summed together in the mixer, along with the white noise generator and any connected external audio source. From there, everything is then passed into the 4-pole ladder lowpass filter, seeping with resonance for the juiciest filter sweeps imaginable. Finishing out the analog path, a VCA offers not only amplitude shaping but also stereo positioning of each voice, allowing for even more immersive sound design.

Though much of the GS e7's control systems are digital, they play a huge part in making this instrument so interesting. Three LFOs with a bunch of different waveform options, the ability to sync modulation rates to MIDI clock tempo, and in-depth management of LFO phase and reset add unmatched depth and breadth to your sounds—and they're all easily routed to either VCO, the VCF, and the VCA. Two ADSR envelope generators are also on hand for shaping each voice in response to played notes, and are receptive to velocity and key tracking. And on the topic of digital, the GS e7 includes chorus and delay effects for widening and spatializing pads, leads, and textures.

The GS e7 also shines in how you can manage its voices and presets for any and all of your musical needs. Of course, each preset can be set to various modes of monophony, polyphony, and unison, but Multi-Mode allows for presets to be arranged into up to four-part multitimbral configurations. It's possible to define keyboard and velocity zones, transpositions, as well as specific allocation or sharing of the seven voices. On top of that, MPE compatibility keeps things open to your favorite controllers and DAWs for per-voice pitch bends and filter cutoff control. If you're looking for an analog polysynth with an abundance of modern treatments, GS Music's GS e7 is ready and willing to bring your sounds to life.

GS e7 Features

  • 7-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer
  • Compact desktop size
  • Two analog VCOs with triangle, saw-tri, sawtooth, and pulse waveforms
  • Hard sync and autotuning features
  • White noise generator
  • External audio input for filter processing
  • 4-pole lowpass ladder filter with resonance
  • VCA with stereo spread
  • Three LFOs offering triangle, ramp, square, and S&H waveforms
  • Two ADSR envelope generators
  • Chorus and Delay effects
  • 4-part multi-timbral
  • MPE compatible (pitch-bend and filter cutoff per voice)
  • 512 single presets, 128 multi presets
    • Dimensions: 520mm x 190mm x 108mm
    • Weight: 3.8kg
    • Power: 12V PSU included
GS Music GS e7 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module Reviews